Séminaire Eric Bruno

senior machine learning scientist chez Expedia et auparavant chez Firmenich

World of smell: Toward computer-aided systems for fragrance design

Perception of flavors and fragrances is driven by the interactions between achemical mixture and a biological neural system. From the mixture complex dynamics to the highest cognitive layers, a chain of non-linear, self-organized  and hierarchical processes is taking place to elicit diverse sensations, emotions and sentiments that will finally determine ourpositive/negative appreciation for a given stimuli. Uncovering therelationships existing between those mixture of chemical compounds and theperception they evoke is fundamental for Fragrance and Flavor Industries to (semi-)automatically design competitive and differentiating products. Thistalk is presenting an overview on MachinLearning research conducted in the in the field ofchemosensory perception and how it is impacting the industry creation processes andbusiness.